Staff Directory

For school related enquires please use the following details.  We will be watching our emails related to registration questions and forms for the 2023-24 school year.  We are excited to see everyone. 

Email:  Phone: 306 5233740


J. Janssen


V. Bonneau

Vice-Principal / Specialist

S. Lapchuk

Pre-Kindergarten (AM / PM)

S. Ahmed

Developmental Centre (Jr.DC)

A. Parr

Kindergarten (AM / PM)

M. Klaptchuk

1A (PLC1)

R. Roberts

12A (PLC1)

K. Friesen

23A (PLC1)

T. Kruszelnicki-Parisian

34A (PLC2)

C. Love

45A (PLC2)

B. Stevenson

56A (PLC3)

M. Taylor

67A (PLC3)

M. Hunter

78A (PLC3)

L. Garrett

Learning Resource Teacher

C. Panchuk

Learning Resource Teacher

M. Hubbard

Response Instructional Coach

K. Pedscalny


G. Burgess

Indigenous Advocate

M. Elles

Specialist (Cultural Arts)

J. Casper

Specialist / Teacher Librarian

T. Burkholder

Community School Nutrition Coordinator


Dream Broker

R. Smith

Administrative Assistant

M. Fischer


N. Arzab

Special Education Assistant

M. Carman

Special Education Assistant

A. Hornung

Special Education Assistant

R. Nelson

Special Education Assistant

E. Rahman

Special Education Assistant

B. Rich

Teacher Associate

C. Stachowich

Special Education Assistant

G. Watch

Special Education Assistant

B. Beesley

Head Facility Technician

R. Labaniego

Evening Facilities Technician

T. Myrta

Evening Facilities Technician

S. Agecoutay


M. Worme

Knowledge Keeper

W. Tsymbal


M. Mulvogue



Speech & Language Pathologist

Cpl. AJ Rodier

School Resource Officer

D. Exner