Welcome to the School Community Council (SCC) Page.

Our SCC typically meets once per month.

If you are interested in joining our SCC, please contact the school.


Elected Officials:

Chair - Amanda Dubois

Vice-Chair - Nadine Smith

Secretary - Desiree Dieno

Treasurer - Karen Lonechild

Members at Large - Pauline Gabriel, Rick Gallinger, Keri Ponace 

School-Based Members - Christopher Keyes and Nancy King

Community members - vacant


Past and present ways our SCC supports the school:

- supporting teachers with per classroom donations for materials

- purchasing data projectors and speakers for any classroom who do not have one

- supporting literacy events throughout the year

- supporting transition events

- purchasing iPads for classroom teachers

- supporting Staff Aprreciation Week

- literacy materials purchases

- supporting school clothing sales

-advisory on Family of Neighbourhood Schools concept

- advisory on Synervoice communication practices

- advisory on school safety procedures

- support running a canteen at the National Aboriginal Day celebration

-support purchasing lunch room cards for families in need of temporary support

- support for creating a calendar of local heroes

- cookie dough fundraiser

- emergency lunch card purchase

- emergency health product purchase

- family literacy day materials support

- science materials

- Numeracy events

- butterfly kits

- EYES camps

- Grade 8 farewell gifts

- TRC map project