Community Celebration and Reconciliation

Seven Stones is actively working to fulfill the 'Calls to Action' from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report. Some of our work includes:

- celebrating the strengths of our community through our annual Community Heroes calendar. Click Here and and Here and Here  and Here and Here for stories. 

  • flying the Treaty 4 flag and focusing on honoring our community. 
  • Honoring the Parents ceremony, talking circles, Hopes and Dreams conference, TRC inter-agency outreach 
  • creating a community feeling to everyday learning opportunities and engagement.
  • Grand opening of a new building in North Central with a community focus Click Here and Here and Here and Here 
  • schooling by design that increases hands on learning and traditional teachings - ie. the tobacco project, Feast and Round dance
  • Circle of Courage philosophy 
  • Orange Shirt Day
  • National Aboriginal Day
  • Cultural Arts Programming and Heritage language instruction - Cree, Indigenous Studies, Mechif 
  • Elder in residence
  • Cultural extra curricular programming - fiddle, jigging, drum circles, beading etc. 
  • Frequent family days
  • Kokum group 
  • partnerships with community agencies such as NCCA, Family Centre and Albert Library