Schooling By Design

Seven Stones Community School has earned the People’s Choice Award Best Overall project from the Council of Educational Facility Planners International, Pacific Northwest Region. The Council is an internationally recognized organization dedicated to improving the places where children learn. The honours are shared by Number TEN Architectural Group and Regina Public Schools.

Thank you to Number TEN Architecture for this beautiful video demonstrating how the design elements at Seven Stones Community School improve the learning environment and open opportunities to improve learning!

CONGRATULATIONS on achieving LEED Gold standard - awarded October 2015

CONGRATULATIONS on being selected as a Project of Distiction by CEFP - awarded October 2015

CONGRATUALTIONS to all on our CEFP People's Choice Award - awarded July 2015

Congratulations to all Seven Stones on being subject of an article by Stephen Hurley on Rethinking School Design.

The article is available HERE and in the September issue of Canadian Education Journal.

Seven Stones is committed to improving educational opportunities for all students! This means recognizing identities of the past, present and future learners in our community. Seven Stones aims to provide a positive, safe, encouraging environment that is rich with opportunity, engagement and relationships that will form the foundation for all our learners. We wish to thank INK for this article helping us celebrate some of the steps we have taken together as a community to achieve reconciliation.

Click HERE for INK Article